Lots of changes…

Wow! It has been over a year since I last wrote on my blog. I’m surprised I remembered my login name and password. I’m not sure how much I will write but soon I will have some time on my hands so maybe I might keep up with this whole blogging thing after all!

A lot of things have happened over this past year. Last July we had a rough patch because we went through another miscarriage. It was over as soon as it started. Almost four years to the day since the first one I had which was strange. I have a feeling I might have had one or two in between that time frame but who knows. We moved on from that and started to accept the fact that we just weren’t going to be parents. There comes a point in a couple’s infertility journey where you have to make that decision. Do you continue trying and possibly go with the fertility treatments? Do you accept the fact that it’s just not going to happen? We definitely hit that point right around Jason’s 30th birthday in November. His birthday was amazing though! I surprised him by getting him Boston Bruins tickets and planned a trip to Boston for that weekend. It was a blast. What we didn’t know was our life was about to change just a few days after our trip.

At the game we both had a few beers and were just living life. The next day I was so hung over which was strange because I never get hungover from just beer. I mean I was laying on the floor in the bathroom trying not to vomit. Jason made a few comments about maybe I was pregnant and I just brushed them off. The next day was Monday and I worked in the morning. It was a busy day and I was so happy to get home afterward. When Jason came home we for some reason started talking about our six year journey in trying to become parents and maybe it was time to just accept the fact it wasn’t going to happen. We could just continue to live and enjoy our life together just him and I. Then out of nowhere he asked, “Aren’t you supposed to get your period soon?” I thought for a second and replied “Yeah I was supposed to get it yesterday.” He then asked if I had a pregnancy test and if so maybe I should take it. Well wouldn’t you know it…………positive! I sat there on the toilet in disbelief and then immediately started freaking out because we just went through a miscarriage months before. I took the test out to the living room to show Jason and he just had this shocked look on his face. We both couldn’t believe it………..then I had to leave to go to a damn staff meeting hahahaha!

Well fast forward to today: I am currently 27 weeks pregnant so this baby looks like it is going to be our rainbow baby. Oh and it’s a girl!!!!!!!!! We still can’t believe this is finally happening sometimes.


This coming Thursday (April 28th) we have a 3D ultrasound scheduled and I can’t wait to see her face. We don’t have a name picked out yet but we are working on it.


New Year, new me!!!!

Yep! Day one complete and I rocked it!!!! I completed my food diary 112 calories under my max allowed calorie intake. Woohoo!!! I’m using MyFitnessPal again because it’s soooo easy and fun to use. I love that I can just scan a barcode of a food or drink and it adds it automatically. Plus the support and all the tips, recipes and exercises are awesome. I also finally bought new sneakers yesterday and some new workout gear today. I’m ready to take this on and become a better me!!!! Today after work I unrolled my new yoga mat and did some strength training, simple cardio and yoga. I can’t wait to start going to Zumba and Yoga again. I’m really hoping Jason hops on board with me. We are going to try and get up together tomorrow to go to the gym but not sure if it’s going to work out….depends on him and how well he sleeps because he has to be at work at 8:30am. We will see. If not I will either go later in the morning or after work.

Oh almost forgot, we are doing Biggest Loser at my work soooooo thats just another awesome motivator/support system. I’m pretty much running it but it was mine, Bobbers and Kellie’s idea 🙂 I think we have 9 people including ourselves signed up at $5/person. Whoever loses the most at the end wins the cash.

Other than all the losing weight, eating better stuff…….not much else going on hahaha. Winter is finally here and it’s supposed to snow tomorrow and it has gotten bitterly cold outside. Brrrrrrr……..



Just a quick note: working on my business plan for my aromatherapy Etsy store/business. So far I have decided on a name (that took forever) and had a eureka moment when it came to the logo. Yay! I have the name registered with Etsy but I need to work on products/inventory before I can actually open the store.

Salty Seas Aromatics is in the works to being in business!


On our way…..

…..to hopefully becoming home owners!! The search is officially on and this coming week we are going to sit down and talk to a bank to see if we can be pre-approved. I’m really hoping we can be because we have been working really hard on improving our credit. This whole renting game is getting old and we are ready to move on to the next step. It’s time.

Most of the houses we are looking at are kinda small and need work but we almost would rather have it that way. Working on a home makes it more your’s and the smaller size doesn’t really bother us. We have been living small for almost 3 years now. A house is different though…..even if the house is small, there will be a yard and most likely a basment or at least a garage. Plus down the road if the lot is big enough, we can always build an addition. Our mininum for square footage is 500 sqft. Of course something around 800-900 sqft would be ideal but we just want to own our own home that is detached. So tired of dealing with landlords, not having a yard, being attached to our neighbors and not getting anywhere with the money we pay each month. We are hoping by the summer we find something and we are in the end process of getting into a house. *FINGERS CROSSED*


Tis the season!!

It’s Turkey day tomorrow and I’m so excited! It’s one of my favorite holidays. The only thing I would change this year is I wish we were on the road home to PA to see family. It’s been awhile since we have been able to go home for the holidays but hopefully next year we will be able to.

A few things have happened since I last posted. Let’s see, my birthday came and went and now I am another year older. Jason’s birthday has come and gone and he too is another year older. He started a new job and loves it. I’m still at the animal hospital and my year anniversary there was in September. Oh I was a vendor at my first craft show! It was a fun experience and I can’t wait to do more.



I also now have my very own website and Etsy store!!! Website: http://www.clindstromphoto.com  If you check out my website, there is a direct link to my Etsy store 😀

My journey with aromatherapy and essential oils has really taken off! I’m learning more and more each day. I have found a couple of go to books that I absolutely love! I’m hoping to start working on my aromatherapy certification here soon until I can start school for massage therapy. Oh speaking of that, I have decided to go back to school!!! I want to go to Bancroft School of Massage in Worcester, MA and also get certified in aromatherapy. The school I am planning on going through for that is Aromahead (which is online) since the closest physical school in in Ithica, NY. A little too far of a commute 😉 I can’t wait to really start working on this new path in life! Once I’m done with all my schooling which should take just a little over a year, Jason will be able to go back to school. The plan is since mine doesn’t take nearly as long as his, I will go first that way I will get a decent job to make up for when he can’t work full time. We seem to be on the right track to this whole adult thing hahaha!

Speaking of being an adult…..we are hoping to go talk to a bank about getting pre-approved for a house and then really start our search for our first house. I really hope we can start getting on track with that because I’m so tired of renting. We want a place of our own not to mention being able to have a garden and some chickens! That’s right! Chickens!!!

Some baby new…..still in the same spot but it’s ok. We both have agreed, with much thought, that we will probably not go back to a specialist. I personally don’t want to put my body through all that again and it’s very expensive. This decision could change down the road but for now we are just going with the flow. If it happens, it will. If it doesn’t then we might be on the path of accepting that. We are still young so we have time.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it! Enjoy your Turkey day!! Gobble Gobble!



Loving life :)

Things are going pretty well these days. We had a couple bumps in the road but nothing too major and nothing we couldn’t handle. My new job (well not so new anymore) is still going great! I just passed my pharmacy class so now I can fill medications at work which also means raise!! Woohoo! I passed with a 94% so needless to say I did pretty well. I have been there going on eight months and love it! It’s like a second little family 🙂

No baby news yet. We are still trying and we started incorporating natural supplements and vitamins along with a better diet and being more active. The plan is to try this more natural approach for another six months or so and then go back to the specialist. I emailed the clinic our old doctor was at to see if they still have all our records and have me listed as a patient and they do which is awesome! Our old doctor is no longer there but the other ones there are just as awesome. Also with my insurance I don’t need a referral so whenever we are ready we just have to call to setup a consult with one of their doctors. I’m so thankful we don’t have to start from scratch though. I hate looking for new doctors. Hell I think that is one of the main reasons why I still go to the dentist I had when we lived in Middletown even though he is a half hour away! I’m really hoping this natural approach works because I rather not take fertility meds but in the end if that is what needs to happen then it needs to happen. It will be five years this October that we have been trying and we are getting to that point where enough is enough. But I still have hope even though sometimes I just want to scream and cry!


Anyway enough about all that…..Spring time seems like it is finally here!!! Man it was a long, harsh winter! I’m so glad the weather is warming up. We have been going on a lot of hikes with the dogs and it has been awesome. Yesterday we were out in Myles Standish State forest for about six hours just hiking, relaxing and fishing. It was so much fun and the pups got to run off leash. They had a blast!


I’m so excited for Spring and Summer! Now that with my job I have off every Sunday and so does Jason we can do a lot more! I can’t wait to go camping and go to the Cape a lot more! We are even going to finally get back to the lake house that his parents own in New York. It’s going to be a great Spring and Summer!!!!! Oh and not to mention my parents are coming to visit next month around my birthday and then my sister is coming in August again! Life is good 🙂


Quick update!

I absolutely love my new job and all my new co-workers!!!!!

I have fit in pretty well and they all tell me I’m doing an awesome job. My training has even been sped up slightly since I already have the experience and have been doing so well. I love the way this animal hospital runs and all the clients I have met have been really nice! The only big thing I have had to get used to is using paper files. The last two animal hospitals I worked at were both paperless but it hasn’t been too bad. It’s so nice working at a place were you are appreciated and you feel like you are part of the work family.

Things have really worked out in the end and I couldn’t be happier!